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The Precision Sonar Advantage

Precision Sonar products are designed and produced in a controlled environment and under the watchful eye of some of the best craftsmen in the tool & die industry. All Components are made in the USA.

Once a product idea is considered, it's drawn on AutoCAD to improve the quality of the design, then prototyped and thoroughly tested. During our "on the water" testing, the product is put through a series of evaluations in extremely harsh conditions. With testing completed and the feedback considered, adjustments are made to improve the product and make it the very best it can be.

It's important to us that our customers find Precision Sonar products to be highly durable and enhance the appearance of their boat while being fun and easy to use.

Innovation Never Takes a Break

Our SmartBracket Console Mounting System is a Patented product and an excellent alternative to flush mounted sonar units. The mounting system uses a console plate made of 1/4" aircraft aluminum that is drilled and tapped to accept two SmartBrackets. Both components are engineered and CNC machined to strict tolerances resulting in a precise fit and finish that eliminates vibration and problems associated with using factory gimbal mounts that are bendable and springy.

To enhance the look of the console area, a premium Hammertone powder coat finish is applied to both the console plate and SmartBrackets. Hammertone is the #1 choice of top of the line gun safe manufacturers because of its exceptional durability and eye-catching appearance.

The SmartBracket's are an L-shaped anti-vibration design that fits flush against the console plate eliminating any movement between the bracket and plate. This results in a mounting system that is steady and secure. The SmartBracket is adjustable, works with many sonar models and will easily handle the larger, heavier Lowrance, Garmin, Raymarine and Humminbird units. Made in the USA, too!

Keeping Your Sonar Unit Safe & Secure

Sonar equipment is a big investment and having a mounting system that keeps your sonar safe and secure is a smart choice. Removing your sonar unit for safe keeping is as simple as loosening the quick release knobs on the left bracket and then removing the gimbal knobs and cables. The SmartBrackets are attached to the plate using stainless cap screws and Quick Release Knobs. Thieves will find removing these fasteners to be a difficult and time consuming process. Lastly, replacing the gimbal knobs with DuraSafe E-Locks (sold separately) will securely lock the sonar unit to the SmartBracket. Thieves are lazy and want a quick steal; they'll check out the security measures on this set up, get frustrated and move on to the next easy opportunity.

The SmartBracket Console Mounting System is your best choice in a sonar mounting system. You'll like the way our product compliments the console area of your boat. Better yet, you'll like the way it works! We have a system for most model boats and look forward to working with you.

SmartBracket Console Mounting System

The SmartBracket Sonar Mounting System is a Patented product that will improve the stability, security and viewing angle of your Sonar Units. The SmartBracket Sonar Mounting System is made in the USA under the watchful eye of some of the best craftsmen in the industry.

This is a true custom mounting system. All components are made in house, NO factory components are used. Only heavy-duty 1/4" aircraft grade aluminum is used to fabricate both the side mounting brackets and console plate. Both components feature an eye-catching Hammertone powder coated finish that is highly durable and will enhance the appearance of your console for years to come.

A Precise Fit & Finish is achieved through a number of state of the art processes. The SmartBracket's structural integrity and anti-vibration design eliminates the chance of any movement between the bracket & plate. Elite Series Anglers and Great Lakes Guides say the SmartBracket console mounting system is the best Big Water mount they've ever used. You can be assured your Sonar Unit is secure and free from harmful vibration.

The SmartBracket's adjustable mounting feature allows the angler to adjust the screen for his or her best viewing angle to reduce unwanted screen glare commonly found with flush mounted sonar units.

The SmartBracket's changeable Side Bracket Disc System and Adjustable Mounting Bracket allows the use of various size sonar units and the ability to switch brands without changing the mounting system. You won't need to change mounting systems just to upgrade your electronics. What could be better!

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