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Baystar Gen 2 Steering Rod Clips 16mm diameter 3.75" width (set of 4)

Patent pending design allows fitment for hydraulic steering systems with 3.75" of exposed steering rod on each side of the engine and will allow fitment with steering rods with diameters of 16mm.  This system will come with the 3/4" clips already attached. Those clips result in a 4" width.  Should you have a hydraulic steering system that has a different width or diameter, you simply can purchase the proper clips for your set up and switch them out at your convenience. 

Each kit comes with 4 steering lock clips.  

Fitment of a hydraulic steering lock has NOTHING to do with the ENGINE itself.  So if you have a Mercury Engine it has nothing to do with the steering system.  It's all about which hydraulic steering system you have.  

$9.99 USD

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