On the Water Sonar Class

High Definition Sonar Instruction

Lowrance Pro-Staffer Randy Kuhens, with thousands of hours experience on high definition systems and hundreds of satisfied clients, is rated as one of the best instructors and programmers around. His hands-on, on the water in your boat, using your electronics, approach makes learning to use your system fun and easy.  Law Enforcement Agencies, Professional Fishermen, River Boat Captains and many others, also have benefitted from and recommend our class.

What is Precision Sonar’s “On the Water Sonar Class”?

We offer a one on one, hands on, in your boat using your electronics class that will take your understanding and know-how to another level!


IF YOU’RE CONFUSED, FRUSTRATED, AND NEED ANSWERS then our “On the Water Sonar Class” is for YOU!


Read the owner’s manual or watched a DVD and still baffled?  Let’s clear up your Sonar confusion.  Have your unit(s) programmed by someone who depends on the HDS technology daily.  Together we can make your system more user friendly and help you become a better angler.


Here’s just some of what we can do for YOU!

  • Make sure your HDS unit(s) has the correct settings for the type of fishing you do.
  • Program the individual screens and install the overlay data on the screen that you want. Example: Depth, Water Temp, Time, etc.
  • Arrange the screens so they display what you want them to show and make going from page to page orderly and non-confusing.
  • Eliminate unwanted, non-practical on screen data that clutters your screen and gets in the way of using your unit to its maximum potential.
  • Learn the art of waypoint management.  No more cluttered maps with useless or unproductive waypoints.  You’ll learn how to identify which locations are waypoint worthy and how to go back to those locations without ever assigning a waypoint.  You’ll learn to only assign a waypoint once you are satisfied the location is worth saving.
  • Demo the unit for you to help you be familiar with the screens and commands, so you’ll have a good understanding of how to use the unit and take advantage of its fish finding capabilities.
  • As a bonus we will help you learn to read an electronic topo map and find “places of interest” that could be potential fishing hot spots.


You’ve Made a Significant Investment in Electronics. Learn to Use Them to Their Full Potential.  Don’t Wait … NOW is the time to get it done. Spend time now using your system and be ready for fishing!

The screen to the right shows a school of Largemouth bass aggressively feeding on baitfish.  We marked the location and worked a Steel Shad blade bait thru the school catching 5 of the 8 bass shown on the screen with 3 of the fish being 4 pounders.  Not huge fish but anytime your clients catch fish like that on back to back to back casts it’s exciting for everyone. No doubt, without our Lowrance HDS System no way would we have known that this opportunity even existed.


Participate in our “On the Water” sonar class and you’ll learn how to use modern technology to find fishing hotspots like this and become a better fisherman.  Get it right the first time. For your “On the water Sonar Class” contact Lowrance Pro Staffer Randy Kuhens at rk@precisionsonar.com or call 270-703-6133.

Tennessee State Police
Special Operations Training


Coordination and synchronization between special operations teams is crucial since they share integral roles within an area of responsibility, whether it involves intelligence gathering or conducting combat operations.  Having the proper equipment and being trained to use it is crucial to the success of any mission. The training event held on the Tennessee River in cold, wet and windy conditions included members of the Tennessee State Police Special Ops air, ground and dive team units as well as members of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.  These Special Response teams spend many hours training and their level of preparedness is second to none.  We’re honored to have had a small part in training these very special men.  Also, a special thanks to Matt Quinn of HITECH OUTDOORS in Benton, KY and Lowrance Electronics for their technical support.

Sonar Class helps Jeffords & Broadway win Ranger Boat!


Congratulations to Melvin Jeffords and Brandon Broadway for their second place finish in the BWSTA Team Classic on Kentucky Lake.

After catching three huge bass on day one for 9th place, Melvin and Brandon brought in the heaviest sack of the day, 21.09 lbs on day two to storm from 9th place to finish second and win the Ranger RT 188.

Here’s what Melvin had to say about Precision Sonar’s “on the water” Sonar Class … “No doubt the class helped so much, Learning to better use my electronics and read a topo map was a big factor in our success, loved it man! I’ve got at least 3 people right now that’s going to call you to take the class”.

Get on Board, Schedule a class today!

You’ve made a Significant Investment in Electronics. Be the best angler you can be by learning to use your electronics to their full potential.  For your personalized “On the water Sonar Class” contact Lowrance Pro Staffer Randy Kuhens today.