Client Testimonials

“I recently purchased and had two Lowrance HDS touch-screen units installed on my boat. I felt that I could read the manual and figure out how to get the units to perform to my satisfaction. But after much frustration and inability to get my units to operate properly, I decided to take Randy’s On The Water Sonar Class. Randy updated and calibrated my units and antenna before we launched the boat. Once on the water, Randy quickly determined that my system was not operating properly and contacted the technician at HITECH Outdoors to arrange immediate corrections. After a short time, we were back on the water where Randy demonstrated total mastery of the HDS units. He broke down the unique features of the units into simple and easy to understand concepts that anyone can understand. Locating and identifying structure, fish, cover, and areas likely to hold fish at any given time is now straightforward and painless. Entering waypoints and coordinates became virtually effortless and makes returning to any area highly accurate and precise. Randy’s knowledge of the HDS systems and his relationship with the installation technician at HITECH Outdoors makes his class a must for anyone just acquiring one of the units as well as those who think they have them mastered. Randy is an accomplished professional and I highly recommend and endorse his class.”


— Colonel David Bowman USA (Ret)

“Today I took Randy’s on the water sonar class. The day started out at HITECH Outdoors with Randy and the guys from HITECH going through my install. Luckily they only found a few things wrong with my work. After that Randy went through my software and programming, installing his setup he has perfected through his years of experience. Then we went through the different screens and when to use each in different applications. Once on the water we went through finding highly productive structure, scanning it, marking it, and interpreting what we were seeing on it. After the class was completed, I dropped Randy back off at the dock and went out on my own. I went out and after finding and marking structure with fish on it I caught a fish on my second cast. My confidence with my setup now was never imaginable before.”


— CW2 Brian P
UH-60M Blackhawk Pilot in Command
US. Army | Ft Campbell, KY.

“I basically had $6K worth of equipment that was installed improperly and worked about 10% of the time. Randy and the folks at HITECH Outdoors reinstalled my Lowrance units and I added his SmartBracket Console Mounting system and Bow Mount Sonar Bracket and now my electronics not only look fantastic but are fully functional as well. My Sonar transducer would only read up to 15 mph and once it was reinstalled I’m happy to say that I now have sonar depth at all speeds. The best part however was Randy’s on the water sonar class, it was a real eye opener! After spending several hours with Randy I have a firm understanding of how to find, mark, identify and hopefully catch more fish. Thank You Randy!”


— Andy King | Missouri

“Randy, What can I say, the class was great, I learned more than I thought I would and my system is operating perfectly. Don’t know what more a fisherman could ask for! It was a great return on investment for me.”


—Butch Jones | Fishers, IN

“Randy, what an exceptional day! Class was better than advertised. Matt and the guys at HITECH Outdoors did an exceptional job on the installation of my Lowrance system. Anytime you get the opportunity to learn on a one on one basis with a pro on the water, whether it be fishing or on the electronics system I consider it a life lesson. Your sonar class was a 1st class experience and I would recommend to anyone that purchases or has already purchased Lowrance units to take your class. When you can learn to locate structure but also distinguish the difference in the species of fish, it is a plus. I left today with the confidence knowing I will catch more fish. Thanks for everything.”


— Barry Baker | Springville, TN

“Randy, I have spent most of my life working as a towboat pilot and managing towboat companies.  I hold unlimited tonnage licenses as a First Class Pilot and as Master of Towing Vessels with over 30 years’ experience piloting towboats.  As I was researching new generation fish finders, I searched the web for all sorts of information. The more I looked, the more confused I got. I discovered your website and began reading a number of articles on your website. Soon, it became apparent to me that you were one of the more qualified persons to work with, so I set up an appointment for my personal “On the water Sonar Class”.  Everything that seemed so intimidating to me when I looked at the operations manual came to life right before my eyes there in my boat as you taught me how to make it work and how to interpret the information that is visible on the screens.

I sincerely want to thank you for taking time to teach me how to use my new Lowrance HDS system.  Your professionalism and expertise at all things fishing make you a tremendous resource for those of us who are learning. I hope that every person who owns one of these late model Lowrance units has the opportunity to spend some quality time with you.

Thanks again for all your coaching and assistance.”


—Mike Rushing, Rushing Marine Services | Jackson, Mo.